Councilwoman Lisa Diller - Democrat, 5th District, New Castle County Council
 Working to Make Greater Newark Even Greater!
Councilwoman Lisa Diller was elected to the 5th District New Castle County (NCC) Council seat in 2009.  

Lisa Diller is married to John Tobin, a fellow Democrat, AFSCME member of Local 1862, former Vice-Chair of the 23rd District Democratic Committee.  John is a native Delawarean, born in Milford on Delaware Day (and everyone knows that's December 7!). They were married on November 10, 1990, the first Saturday after the General Election.  Yes, electoral politics has always played a role in their relationship.  
Lisa and John attended the University of Delaware as undergraduates and they returned to Newark because they thought it would be a great place to raise their family.  Their daughter Mei is a student at Newark High School and enjoys basketball, singing, drama and playing the ukelele.  Their bunny, Peaches, is not interested in politics and is more likely to chew a political brochure than read it.     
Lisa’s experience with both nonprofit organizations and government agencies gives her management experience and an understanding of the importance of constituent services.  She served as the administrator for the State of Delaware’s Office of Volunteerism where she managed a multi-million dollar budget.  She also holds a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary and has taught at several local colleges.   
 What do I do for my 46,000 constituents?

  • Established newsletter in 2009 to keep constituents informed about and local issues and events.
  • Provided outreach to seniors in the district to supply them with the information and resources to obtain eligible property tax savings.
  • Solved thousands of constituent concerns from code complaints to library services to crime concerns.
  • Accessible and available to attend community meetings, deal with individual constituent issues and provide constituents with a monthly constituent meeting since 2009 (First Fridays) at the Newark Senior Center.
  • Provides scholarships for community leaders in low-moderate income communities to attend sponsored by the Common Interest Communities Ombudsman’s Office. 
  • Developed both Community and Housing Resource Fairs to inform constituents of services available from New Castle County and local nonprofit agencies.
  • As Co-chair of the Boards and Commissions Subcommittee, streamlined the recruitment and appointment processes to ensure continuous quality services for citizens of New Castle County. 
  • Provides grant support to local nonprofit organizations serving children, senior citizens and providing for basic human needs in the 5 District.
  • Lead sponsor on housing ordinances (Ordinances 18-029, 18-049, 18-062) designed to address issues related to vacant properties in New Castle County.
  • Sponsored legislation (Ordinance #12-057) to provide universal design options for new construction. 
  • Developed the Halloween “Zombie Walk” volunteer project to identify vacant houses in communities in order to add them to the New Castle County Vacant Housing registry. 
  • In collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, developed a Landlord information training for New Castle County Landlords. 
  • Worked to with the American Red Cross and Newark Mayor Polly Sierer to create an updated list of community providers of post-disaster services for the Greater Newark area.
  • Developed Ordinance 15-048 to provide safety zones in communities in order to regulate the use of archery equipment.
  • Developing the “Rewards for Riders” to provide an incentive for residents to turn in ATV and OTV being used illegally in communities.
  • Have provided ongoing many projects for the Friends of the Newark Free Library.
  • Assisted the Iron Hill Museum and Friends of Iron Hill Park with grant writing efforts to bring National Civilian Conservation Corps teams to assist with museum and park projects during the summer.
  • Oversaw the process of moving the entrance to Iron Hill Park from Whitaker Road to Iron Hill Road, thus reducing crime and behavioral issues in the park. 
  • Oversaw the process of increasing the size of the parking lot for Hann Park, thus reducing resident parking problems. 
  • Working to create a walking path and additional amenities for Hann Park. 
  • Founded the Subcommittee on Aging and helped to develop both the popular 55 plus brochure of senior services in New Castle County.
  • Worked with the Christina School District and the Department of Community Services to develop affordable, half-day summer camps now serving hundreds of New Castle County children every year. 
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